Two days, one blankie!

So perhaps I was feeling very brave, emboldened by the success of recent experiments, but I thew caution to the wind this week and abandoned swatching altogether to make a blanket! Yes, a whole blanket. This was a big step for someone for whom scarves are the norm. Somewhere in the deep dark depths of my Works-No-Longer-in-Progress drawer there is the very beginning of a very small hand-knit pram cover, but it was never really a goer. I lost interest quite quickly; about the time of the third glaring error which would draw the eye inexorably toward it every time.


So I decided late one night that I could make a baby blanket on the machine. That I had enough bits and bobs left on cones I already own to make something big and stripy. And I do love big and stripy. And what was to stop me? So I cruelly neglected the housework, the cooking and the kids (yay for the gorgeous bloke who also lives here and looked after all that) and made a deliciously squishy, soft and colourful cotton blanket on the weekend. It is just the right size for a baby blanket, or something to keep you warm on the couch. It took about six hours over two days (there were breaks to bake some cookies, whip up a book week costume or two and ummm, eat and make coffee, read books) to knit which is just amazing. There was a little bit of confabulation where I forgot to look at EVERYTHING all at once and so something got tangled, and then something jammed and suddenly I am learning how to un-knit, pick up dropped stitches and not say anything really rude all at the same time. But no permanent harm done…

Of course, I had wilfully ignored the fact that there would be a gazillion and eleventy ends to weave in (never my favourite job) and indeed it did double the making time. Still, I finished an entire blanket in about four days. That is actually quite a fabulous thing.


cotton weigh in – roughly on target


stripes on a sunny day


One of the great things about having a knitting machine is being able to play around with ideas and patterns and finish things off (well sometimes …)

Started this with some lovely, bright yellow wool. Not sure if I could wear it …..

Under Construction
Under Construction

Fancy a cowl??

So here’s the deal with the cowls folks! I started making cowls recently for family and friends who are interested in handmade items and looking gorgeous, and I love being asked to make one! They are the only item I can take commissions on at the moment, but I will hopefully be expanding my range very soon.

I use only Australian-made yarn (100% cotton and 100% wool) as I like to support the local industry and keep my carbon footprint as wee as possible. Each one is hand-made entirely by me in the spare room using my vintage Singer 323 knitting machine and then hand-sewn.   At the moment I only make to order, so cowls can take a little time as I order the yarn and only get to play on the machine when the kids are at school!

Cotton cowls are perfect for Spring and Autumn and have a beautiful sheen and drape, while the wool ones are cosy and snuggly for when the weather gets a bit chillier. Cowls are brilliant as they keep your neck warm without any flappy ends to get caught in car doors or irritate you when you sit down at your desk (or that might just be me…) like scarves. They are also great if you have little ones to chase after and lug around as they stay put in any situation! These are made in 4 ply yarn so they aren’t too chunky and don’t get in the way.

Each one comes to you in a cute bag which I run up on Grandma’s sewing machine using vintage pillow-cases and thrifted ribbon. No two alike!

If you think you might like a cowl, leave me a comment and I will send you a colour chart and further details. I am just starting this new exciting journey and welcome all comments and and feedback!